Within the Veil 2020 vinyl re-release

The classic Crosby-Carlino-Cordova-Darby line-up of Fear of God (also "Beyond the Veil", the unreleased album)
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Within the Veil 2020 vinyl re-release

Post by Richard »

Last year, Music on Vinyl released a new (and, turns out, quite different) version of "Within the Veil", catalogue number MOVLP2791 (it is in the mean time no longer available). Its credits include that it's engineered by Pat Regan, not Andy Wallaca (like the regular 1991 version)!

When you listen to it, you immediately notice "All that Remains" is like the demo version - no a capella intro, but straight into the fray.

I have in the mean time listened to a rip of the entire LP provided by Michael Chalmers. Here are my findings (with my amateur ears, after listening to the original a day earlier)....

Side A

- All that Remains
Like on the demo, totally different and more hardcore arrangement without a-capella vocals
- Betrayed
different bass drum sound
More echo on Dawn's vocals
hendrix effect on some of the guitars
- Emily
different layering of Dawn's vocals
"where will you run to now" seems louder and rougher, even with some added lyrics
rougher guitars
different drum track?
- Red to Grey
Much rougher, punky mix

Side B

- Diseased
Different guitar, even the main riff ends on a different note
Different vocal take, including at least some of the layers (and extra "no more rain!")
- Wasted Time
Different vocal take or different mix, including the layers
Some extra echo on the guitar riff after the first "Wasted Time"
No 20's car honking sound near the end
- Love's Death
Seems to be played at least a tone higher
Different bass drum mix
Different guitar solo
- White door
Different vocal layering
A piece in the middle (around "bye bye") seems to be missing
The final whispering "that which doesn't kill us..." is missing
- Drift
Different snare sound
The bass drums sound much more driving
Very rough guitar sound
The guitars fade out sooner and the drums end quicker

It's less polished overall, the screaming vocals are scratchier, perhaps clipping, and the guitars are more trebley (trebly?). My theory: it's the original Pat Regan mix, before Andy Wallace improved it. Perhaps the original has grown on me longer, so that may be the reason why I like that version more. But this is definitely an interesting different version.

I fear I may have bugged Michael Chalmers too much when I asked him to re-rip the album in WAV files, so at the moment I only have a 320 kbps rip of side A and of side B. If anyone has this and is willing to rip it to WAV, or even rip it into indivdual MP3 320 kbps or FLAC tracks, I'd love for you to get in touch with me!
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