Looking for press clippings

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Looking for press clippings

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The site has a variety of press clipping related to Détente, Fear of God, or their individual members (check it out!). But there are more. In fact I know about the following, which I would like to ask you to send me a scan of (about 1800 pixels wide if possible) if you have 'em.

Break Out 7/1991 ("Within the Veil" album review)
Break Out 7/1994 ("Toxic Voodoo" album review)
Burn Nr. 8, June 1991 ("Within the Veil" album review)
Escape Magazine #5, 1985 (Détente concert review)
Eternal Flame Nr. 3, 1997 ("Forgotten Children of God #1", "Within the Veil" album review)
H'Art Nr. 10, June 1991 ("Within the Veil" album review)
Heavy, Oder Was?! Nr.3 July/August/September 1992 ("Aardschokdag" review)
Heavy, Oder Was?! Nr. 15, October 1994 ("Toxic Voodoo" review)
Kerrang No. 130 (review of 'Recognize no Authority')
Metal Forces #19, 1986
Metal Hammer Nr. 1, January 1986 (Détente demo review)
Metal Hammer Nr. 8, August 1986 ("Recognize no Authority" review)
Metal Hammer Nr. 6, June 1991 ("Within the Veil" album review)
Nonkonform Nr. 3, 1995 ("Toxic Voodoo" album review)
Rock Hard Nr. 50, May 1991 ("Within the Veil" album review)
Rock Hard Nr. 62, June 1992 ("Aardschokdag" review section)
Rock Hard Nr. 88, September 1994 ("Toxic Voodoo" album review)
What's That Noise? Nr. 10, 1992 ("Within the Veil" album review)
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