HQ-Upload of show from 6/29/1991

The classic Crosby-Carlino-Cordova-Darby line-up of Fear of God (also "Beyond the Veil", the unreleased album)
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HQ-Upload of show from 6/29/1991

Post by Burkhard »

Since it's not possible to reply in the bootleg-section, I'll post this here. Only today I discovered that already two years ago, someone uploaded a recording of Fear of God's show at the Country Club in Reseda on June 29, 1991 in what I'd call excellent quality:

[External Link Removed for Guests]

The video seems to be the same as the one uploaded in 2014, but picture- and especially sound-quality are far superior, probably because according to the info below the clip, this was uploaded by the one who actually recorded the show. This is fucking awesome! Also, this clip lasts about one minute longer than the old upload, i.e. the end of "Drift" is included as well.

BTW, I noticed that the setlist for this show mentioned in the bootleg-section is wrong. It does not inlcude "Emily", "Betrayed" follows right after "Red to Grey", which then is followed by "Coming Down" (which was never officially released). It also seems that Dawn included an improvised part in "Love's Death" (beginning at the 7:44-mark in the clip linked above).
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Re: HQ-Upload of show from 6/29/1991

Post by Richard »

After much too long a time, I edited the bootleg setlist and also linked to this show there. The audio will also be available there a few minutes after I post this.
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