Lyrics assistance needed for the Allies demo

Anything featuring Dawn Crosby but not covered by the above - including First Attack, Allies (pre-Détente), Fear of God between the two official albums, and post-Toxic Voodoo Fear of God until Dawn's demise
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Lyrics assistance needed for the Allies demo

Post by Richard »

When I tried to do transcribe the lyrics to the 3 tracks on the Allies demo, I found out it was harder than I thought. If you'd like to assist to get down to the lyrics of these surprisingly catchy tunes (with arguably some of the finest guitar playing of anyone Dawn's ever recorded with), please download the demo (from the 'bootlegs' forum), load up the pre-Détente lyrics on the site, and start investigating.

Much obliged!
Yesterday is dead and gone
Tomorrow is out of sight

-- Dawn Crosby - "Drift"
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