Within the Veil (Music on Vinyl) Release

The classic Crosby-Carlino-Cordova-Darby line-up of Fear of God (also "Beyond the Veil", the unreleased album)
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Within the Veil (Music on Vinyl) Release

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Did anyone else pick this up yet?

It's not the original 1991 recording of these tracks, it seems like its the DEMOs or something!
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Re: Within the Veil (Music on Vinyl) Release

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From what I have gathered. From a recording of a concert in Raleigh NC, Dawn stated and I’m paraphrasing here...here’s the original version of Within the Veil. And it’s the same material as on the most recent re-release limited edition vinyl.
When I first dropped the record I was slightly confused and wondered why it didn’t sound like the original I remember listening to. From researching I am guessing this new release is the ORIGINAL material.
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